Toilet Overflow Restoration in Columbus, OH

Dealing with an overflowing toilet is a total headache. At a time like this, you should stop panic flashing as it would make the situation worse. Turn off the main water value a reach out to a professional plumber for assistance. Swift action can prevent further damage to your bathroom and home. In this situation, rely on Teasdale Fenton Columbus’s professionals for emergency restoration. Our experts are available 24/7 at your service.

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Causes of Toilet Overflow

You need to know what causes toilet overflow so that you can take immediate action to prevent the issue. It will also help you to stop repeated overflows. Some of the common causes include,

Consequences of Toilet Overflow

Toilet overflow needs immediate action to mitigate as it is a form of water damage, otherwise, the damage can be severe over time. It can be categorized into two parts - initial damage and long-term damage. These are,

Initial Damage

Long-term Damage

What To Do When Toilet Overflows?

Don't panic, stay calm. We understand that toilet overflow can be pretty serious and a total mess. Moreover, the contaminated water and smell make it hard for you to clean the affected area. Instead of stressing out about the situation you should call a restoration company to clean the affected area effectively. Our Experts are here to help you out of this situation.

5 Tips to Avoid Toilet Overflow

Follow these tips to avoid future overflows while ensuring a better indoor environment.

Ensure a Better Indoor Air Quality with Us!

Indoor air is part of your home and your health. Better indoor air quality can eliminate health issues along with other issues. Keep your place safe and breathe fresh air with us. Get rid of any water or flood damage including appliance leaks, roof leaks, sewage removal, and floor water damage restoration.

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