Makeup Stain Removal from Carpet in Columbus, OH

As women we all love makeup, but this becomes a nightmare when you accidentally drop your makeup on the carpet. Not only does the makeup get ruined but also it adds an extra headache to you by staining the carpet. Makeup stains can be hard to remove at times. This degrades the carpet's appearance.

Don’t worry! We understand your concern. At Teasdale Fenton Columbus, our professionals can save you from this disaster. Dial 614-662-4060 and ensure a fresh carpet with us.

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Benefits of Professional Stain Cleaning

Enhances Beauty: Professional cleaning removes all the dirt and dust from the carpet, giving it a fresh look.

Expertise: Our experts have more than many years of experience in cleaning and removing stains from your carpet.

Specialized Techniques: Professionals use the latest technology and specialized techniques to clean your carpet effectively.

Safe Method: Professionals use a safe method to clean your carpet that prevents any discoloration or color dyeing.

Stain & Odor Removal: Professional Cleaning ensures stain and odor removal from your carpet.

Prevent Mold: After cleaning the carpet experts dry out our carpet effectively. These steps prevent any future moisture issues on the carpet.

Can You Make Stain from Your Carpet?

Fresh stains can be removed from the carpet with immediate action. Grab a cloth and bold the stain to clean. You can use cold water to clean the stain. However, if it doesn't come off don't go hard on the carpet. It might ruin its fiber texture. Seek professional help to clean your area carpet.

Take Action Based on Makeup Stain

Power-Based: If you drop makeup like eye shadow, face powder, foundation powder or so then grab your vacuum cleaner and clean the area.

Liquid: For liquid makeup like eyeliner, liquid lipstick or so, grab a cloth and bolt the area to clean.

However, don't use any harsh chemicals to clean your area carpet. This might lead to discoloration. If the stain is too old or stubborn then contact a professional to clean your carpet effectively.

Should Your Repair or Replace Your Carpet?

Carpet repair or replacement depends on things like the extent of the damage, carpet age, value, and the cost of the services. If the damage is not so huge you should repair the carpet.

However, if the repair cost is higher than the replacement cost and it has lost its value then you should go for a replacement. However, it's better to discuss your carpet condition with a professional to make a better decision.

Other Carpet Stains We Remove

Remove any stain or lingering odor from your carpet with Teasdale Fenton Columbus. We have experience in removing all types of stains while giving your carpet a fresh look. You can reach us for any of the following stain removal:

How Much Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Cost?

The cost of professional cleaning will vary based on the cleaning method used, the size of the carpet, where it is cleaned, and many more. The cost will increase if you prefer additional carpet repair or other services. However, for steam cleaning the cost estimation is,

The cost will increase depending on the carpet amount. To know more about the cost talk to our expert.

Inspect Your Carpet Through a Professional

It's better to get your carpet professionally inspected every year. Professionals will help you to detect hidden issues while ensuring a durable fresh carpet. Especially, if you have experienced any fire damage or water damage then it's a must to get your carpet inspected by a professional. It will prevent mold growth, odor, and other carpet issues.

Ensure a Better Home with Us!

Keep your carpet clean with Teasdale Fenton Columbus and ensure a better home for you and your loved ones. You don’t have to worry about kids eating food from the carpet. We will ensure you a clean carpet that not only looks fresh but also feels fresh. If you need carpet cleaning, carpet repair, fire damage, or water damage restoration you can rely on us.

Teasdale Fenton Columbus can help you with your carpet issues in London, West Jefferson, Grove City, Reynoldsburg, and other Columbus service areas we serve. Give us a call at 614-662-4060 or contact us to book an appointment with us.

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