Carpet Repair in Columbus & Hilliard, OH

Carpet not only makes a room feel cozier, but it also provides a soft surface for sitting, playing, or working. However, wear and tear from foot activity, pet claws, or furniture movement can cause these carpets to shred or tear. When problems like these emerge, individuals typically opt for a full replacement rather than a repair because they assume the repair to be costly. But the thing is, a damaged carpet can be repaired to its pre-damage state only by professionals.

At Teasdale Fenton Columbus, we know very well that repair cost is less than the complete replacement of a carpet. That's why we provide the best carpet repair services in  DublinGrove CityHilliardWestville, and other cities nearby. Whenever you need to repair the damaged carpet of your home or office, simply dial 614-662-4060 or click here for more information.


Complete Carpet Repair Services at Teasdale Fenton Columbus

At Teasdale Fenton Columbus, we can help you with your carpets if it has tears, rips, stains, discoloration, burn marks, wrinkles, and more. Our wide range of carpet repair services includes__

  • Carpet Restretching:Carpet restretching can repair loose or wrinkled carpets. Carpets can become loose and wrinkle or bunch up over time, making them unsightly and a hazard. Our carpet restretching tightens it and reattach it to the floor to reduce wrinkles and prevent additional damage.
  • Seam Repairs:Carpets can tear or split in parts, creating gaps or apparent seams that detract from their appearance. Our carpet seam repair service fixes these defects and makes the carpet look seamless and uniform.
  • Patching:Patching is the finest option for permanent carpet stains or burns. We can remove and replace the damaged section of your carpet with a bonded patch. You'll never feel there was a problem.
  • Pad Replacement:Carpet padding will ultimately lose its cushioning and retain any odors that have permeated the carpeting. To restore coziness and cleanliness to your home, we provide carpet pad replacement services.
  • Water Damaged Carpet Repair:When you experience interior flooding or water damage to your carpet flooring, don't despair. we can restore your water-damaged carpet to its pre-damage condition.

Trust Teasdale Fenton Columbus for Carpet Repair in Columbus, OH

When it comes to carpet repair, let Teasdale Fenton Columbus repair your damaged carpet to its original condition. We have years of experience and expertise to provide you with quality repair service. We also assist our clients with carpet cleaning, carpet dyeing, pet urine removal, and more. To get our services please dial 614-662-4060 or click here for more information.

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