Bleach Spot Repair for Carpets in Columbus & Lancaster, OH

Bleach or household chlorine is useful for many things, but it creates a mess when you accidentally spill some on your carpet. The colors get discolored, smudged, and look horrible. This is where our IICRC-Certified technicians can help you. Teasdale Fenton Columbus is a certified carpet cleaning company that offers everything carpets need in their entire lifetime. Moreover, we specialize in color correction & carpet dyeing services.

If you mistakenly dropped bleach on your carpet, we can help bring your carpet’s original appearance back. Simply call us at 614-662-4060 to schedule an appointment TODAY!

Carpet Cleaning Services from Teasdale Fenton Columbus

carpet cleaning with vacuam

Bleach is a very strong solution and is quite effective at killing almost any bacteria. However, this powerful solution also destroys colors and could mean a nightmare if your carpet has intricate patterns. But, Teasdale Fenton Columbus’ carpet specialists have the expertise to repair the bleach spot and restore your carpet’s appearance. You won’t even notice there was a bleach spot in the first place by the time we are done!

Additional cleaning services we offer are:

Trust Us to Repair Bleach Spots on Your Carpet

Whether your carpet’s color or appearance is ruined by bleach or any other reason, count the certified specialists from Teasdale Fenton Columbus for an effective repair. We have the resources & experience to make it seem like there was nothing ever wrong with the carpet!

Make your carpet look brand new with our state-of-the-art carpet cleaning & repairing techniques. Our IICRC-Certified experts offer the best carpet-care services in Pataskala, Columbus, Delaware, Sunbury, & other areas across Ohio. Give us a call at NOW at 614-662-4060 to talk to one of our representatives.

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