Wood Floor Cleaning in Columbus, OH

Wood flooring adds a traditional elegance to any home or commercial space, but a lack of care and maintenance over time can result in a dirty, dull appearance. Proper cleaning and maintenance can restore wood flooring and give it its best possible appearance, and one provider has the best results across Ohio.

Teasdale Fenton Columbus has superior, reliable wood floor cleaning to restore that natural look in New Albany, Hilliard, Dublin, Delaware, and throughout Greater Columbus. Call or contact us online to consult with a Teasdale Columbus wood floor cleaning expert.

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Wood Floor Cleaning Issues

Get professional wood floor cleaning assistance by Teasdale Fenton Columbus when you need solutions for the following:

  • Wood floor stains or discoloration
  • Mold growth issues
  • Soft spots in flooring
  • Shrinking or buckling in areas
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Why Us For Your Wood Floors?

Turn to Teasdale Fenton Columbus For Wood Floor Cleaning & Care

Professional wood floor cleaning by the Teasdale Columbus experts will preserve your flooring longer. Enjoy the cleanest, like-new wood floors that give you the following:

  • Superior appearance
  • Increased durability
  • Increased floor stability
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Enhanced home resale value
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Wood Flooring Hazards | Call Us

Schedule your regular wood floor cleaning or maintenance with the experts at Teasdale Fenton Columbus, and take these precautions:

  • Sun exposure protection: Excessive or direct sunlight can damage or fade wood flooring. Curtains, shades, or rugs can extend floor life.
  • Sliding furniture: Bumpers or pads on furniture legs can help avoid scratches and dents on wood flooring.
  • Proper home cleaning: Select gentle cleaning materials based on your wood floor's finish to avoid damage or discoloration.
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More Wood Flooring Options in Dublin

Teasdale Columbus provides these additional wood floor care options:

  • Hardwood floors
  • Engineered hardwood floors
  • Wood floor revitalization
  • Wood floor finish
  • Wood floor repair
  • Buff or recoating

Bring Back Dull Wood Flooring With Us in Delaware, Ohio

Avoiding wood floor cleaning can result in damage, degraded appearance and wood floor life. Better to be safe than sorry. Teasdale Fenton Columbus is your solution for wood or any floor cleaning. We assist customers with carpet cleaning and much more. Call us today at 614-662-4060 or contact us online to book an appointment with a Teasdale Columbus wood floor cleaning specialist.

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