Carpet Spilled Drink Stains Cleaning in Columbus & Hilliard, OH

Accidental spills can happen at any time. Whether it's a morning coffee, a surprise red wine, juice, or milk stain left by your little one, it ruins the beauty of your carpet.

Over time these spills become so stubborn that it gets hard for you to treat them effectively. How to get rid of this situation? You can rely on Teasdale Fenton Columbus for any effective carpet stain removal.

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Act Fast to Save Your Carpet!

Whenever you have any accidental spill on your carpet act fast. A quicker response is the key to managing any spills easily. Soon after noticing the spill, grab a clean absorbent cloth and blot up the liquid. Remember to blot not to rub.

Rubbing can spread the stain while damaging the carpet's fibers. Moreover, rubbing can force the liquid to go deeper leading to discoloration. If you ever find yourself in a situation like this don't worry! Teasdale Fenton Columbus is here for you to make your carpet shine.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Method

Our professional uses multiple carpet cleaning methods to clean your delicate carpet. Some of the common methods are,

Steam Cleaning: Also known as hot water extraction. It's one of the effective methods of treating stubborn stains, dirt, allergens, and bacteria.

Shampoo Cleaning: This method helps you give your carpet a fresh look and smells good. Its method is best for dedicated carpets.

Dry Cleaning: This method is most effective and best for carpets with delicate dyes or wool carpets. It's a quick and convenient method.

Treat Stubborn Stains with Teasdale Fenton Columbus

Dealing with stubborn stains requires expert knowledge and equipment for effective removal. Our professionals have many years of experience in carpet cleaning and treating any stubborn carpet stains. Some of them include,

Things You Should Follow for a Healthy Carpet

Avoid DIY Methods: DIY methods like bleach or vinegar might leave stains along with odor on your carpet.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Using harsh chemicals might discolor or leave stains on your carpet.

Patience is Key: Don't worry! if you fail to remove any stains from your carpet. e patient and rely on professionals.

Sugary Spills Need Extra Care: Sugary spills or drinks might need extra care and a professional hand for effective treatment.

Got Stains on Carpets? No Worries! Rely on Us for Expert Solutions

For deep cleaning your carpet rely on professionals for effective results. Professional carpet cleaning will not only keep your carpet fresh for a longer time but also preserve its beauty. No matter what type of carpet you have, trust our experts for a comprehensive solution. We promise to make your carpet shine.

Dial 614-662-4060 for any carpet cleaning or else just knock us online for carpet cleaning or repair issues. Our services are available in London, Grove City, Reynoldsburg, Edison, and throughout our Columbus service area.

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