Rug Pads in Columbus, OH

Are you tired of fixing your rugs now and then? No matter what you do it's not staying at its place. Then you need to place a rug pad underneath your rug. A rug pad will keep your rug in place while ensuring it looks at its best.

Protect your floor and investment with rug pad placement. Rely on Teasdale Fenton Columbus for effective rug pad placement. Contact us now for your preferred rug pad.


Why You Should Use Rug Pads?

Rug pads help you to keep your rug in place. This allows you to prevent any accidents through slips. It also reduces the brunching or curling up of the rug. Furthermore, It also helps you with:

Rug Pads for Pet Owners

Even after having a trained pet accidents happen sometimes. When it happens it makes a total mess. It makes cleaning so hard as pet urine is acidic. Additionally, the odor is also hard to get rid of.

However, you can make your rug manageable and make your cleaning easy with a rug pad. Rug pads work like a pet barrier and its' waterproofing features can make your cleaning easy. It also prevents floor discoloration. Lay down a rug pad with us and make your life easier.

Types of Pads We Offer

Pads for Slippery Floor: Floors like tile, marble stone floors, or vinyl floors are usually slippery. It's hard to keep your rug in place with these floors. However, rug pads with a strong grip can help you to keep your rug in place. It gives an organized and finished look to the floor.

Waterproof Rug Pads: Waterproof rug pads are the best option for people with pets or kids. It will prevent any water damage issues on your rug.

Rug Pad Materials We Offer in Columbus, OH!

We offer multiple materials for rug pads to meet your specific demand. Each type of rug pad is different by nature and offers multiple benefits. We offer:

Functionalities of Rug Pads

Our rug pads are designed with multiple functionalities. It adds comfort underneath your floor. It offers:

Replace Your Rug Pad with Us!

A high-quality rug pad can last up to 15 years based on its maintenance. Over time rug pads lose their grip and no longer serve the porpoise. You will notice some visible damage on the rug pad. If you notice anything like that then it's time for you to replace your rug pad through a professional.

Although, it is recommended to replace your rug pad every three to four years. It will ensure a healthy home and a healthy rug for you. Unlike rug pad placement it's a bit harder, so relying on professionals is the best option for you.

Our Allergen Free Custom Cut Rug Pads

We offer eco-friendly rug pads that are allergen-free. In other words, if you have sensitive skin then our rug pads would be your first choice we offer rug pads that are made from natural materials and don’t cause any irritation. It also doesn’t have off-gassing. Consult with our professionals to find the best rug pad for your specific floor.

Additionally, We offer customer-cut rug pads to match your rug's design and effective installation. We ensure that the rug pad is an inch smaller than your rug. This gives your rug a finished look while protecting the floor. Additionally, it prevents tripping hazards and premature wear on your rug. 

Get Your Rug Professionally Cleaned!

It's important to get your rug professionally cleaned before laying down a rug pad underneath. Professional rug cleaning will remove any dirt or debris from the rug. It will prevent the dirt from going into the rug pad.

Also, professional cleaning will keep your rug flat. It will make the rug placement easier and more effective. Thus it's important to get your rug professionally cleaned before rug pad placement.

Let Us Help You with Your Rug Pad!

Our experts in Teasdale Fenton Columbus have many years of experience in cleaning and property restoration. Whether it’s a rug pad, rug, or other services you can trust us for effective solutions. Our experts have completed many cleaning and restoration projects. You can rely on us for:

Just dial 614-662-4060, for any of the services you need. Our experts will be at your place as soon as possible. We are available 24/7 to ensure a safe place for you. You can also request an appointment with us now. We are available in London, West Jefferson, Grove City, Reynoldsburg, and throughout our Columbus service area.

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