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Flood damage from plumbing leaks, sewage backup, or natural disasters is one of the most destructive issues you must deal with. Effectively extracting water alone can be a challenging task during such emergencies. Taking immediate action is crucial in these situations, otherwise, water will continue to wreak havoc.

It is essential to seek professional assistance to mitigate the damage. Our team of experts at Teasdale Fenton Columbus is available 24/7 to provide prompt and effective solutions for any emergencies. Trust us to handle the situation and minimize the impact of flood damage on your property.

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What Does the Water Extraction Process Involve?

Identify Water Source: Inspecting the affected area and finding the source of water supply.

Stop Water Flow: Stop the main water valve to stop unwanted water.

Drain the Water: Remove any visible and excess water from the surface.

Remove Hidden Water: Remove any hidden water within the surface or belongings.

Final Inspection: Effectively drying the area to prevent further damage.

24/7 Emergency Water Damage Restoration

Usually, water damage gets severe over time. If you kept delaying the emergency water extraction then it would ruin your property over time. The longer you wait the worse the situation gets. Water will penetrate the surface, eventually leading to mold growth and structural damage. To prevent all these issues emergency water removal is crucial. You can rely on us for emergency water removal.

Why Our Professionals for Water Extraction?

Extraction of water through a professional can have multiple benefits. Such as,

Stop the Damage, Start the Recovery with Teasdale Fenton Columbus

Teasdale Fenton Columbus stands out as a leading restoration companies. We have effectively restored properties in Columbus, Hilliard, Springfield, Dublin, New Albany, and other cities we serve. Your safety matters the most to us. Reach us out with just one click at 614-662-4060 for any water damage or fire damage restoration.

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