Rug Cleaning Process in Columbus, OH

A fresh rug makes your home always welcoming and cheerful. It also affects your mood and health. Thus, it’s important to get your rug cleaned by a professional with a proper cleaning process. Because the cleaning process matters a lot when it comes to the rug cleaning process.

Depending on the process you can get a freshly cleaned and stain-free rug. At Teasdale Fenton Columbus, our experts will clean your rug thoroughly using our comprehensive rug cleaning process. Just dial 614-662-4060 to get your rug cleaned with us.

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Our Professional Rug Cleaning Process

Rug Inspection & Pickup

An initial inspection is done to identify your area rug's stains, spots, and other issues. In this process, our experts will also note any extra services or requirements you have. After that, we will pick up your area rug and bring it to our place for a thorough cleaning.

Follow-Up Inspection

Once the rug is in our place a professional will do a second inspection to see the fiber condition, rug types, rug texture, and more. Based on that the cleaning method and solution will be picked. We will also inspect for mold, hidden damage, color bleeding issues, and more.

Rug Dusting

This step is done to prepare the rug for cleaning. Dusting also allows you to get rid of any dirt, dust, or debris from the area rug. This is an effective way to remove pounds of dirt that can't be cleaned with vacuuming.

Rug Clean, Wash & Rinse

After dusting we wash your area rug and then do a colorfastness test. With specific cleaning methods and solutions, our experts will clean your rug. We use a gentle cleaning solution that is suitable for dedicated rugs.

Rug Drying

Rug drying is one of the easy yet difficult steps of rug cleaning. Improper drying will lead to mold growth and more issues. Our experts will evenly and thoroughly dry the rug. It will remove any excess moisture as well.

Rug Combing & Brushing

Combining and brushing the rug will help to get rid of any excess cleaning solution that wasn't gone with the final wash. Moreover, this step will rejuvenate the fiber of the rug and its original texture. This adds comfort and beauty to your carpet.

Rug Fringe Grooming

Fringe is part of your rug. A tangled fringe will ruin the beauty of your area rug After cleaning we will groom your fringe to bring its beauty back. Moreover, our experts will also do fringe repairs if you need the service. This will add beauty to your fresh rug.

Rug Vacuuming & Final Inspection

Our experts will vacuum and trim any loose fiber of the rug. After that, a final inspection will be done to make sure it's cleaned properly.

Rug Fiber Protector & Pads

This is an optional service. If you want to protect your rug from any spills even after cleaning then we will do a rug spill repellant on the rug. We also offer moth repellent, UV protection, and other rug protection services. Just let us know which one you need.

Additionally, we offer a rug pad service to keep your floor protected from any spills, pet urine, and more.

Rug Delivery

Finally, we will transport your beautiful rug to your destination safely. Now, you are ready to grace your home with a beautiful rug. Enjoy the freshness, beauty vibrant color of your rug with Us.

Why Do Professional Rug Cleaning?

Professional rug cleaning will help you to have a rug that looks and smells fresh. It will extend the rug’s life while making your regular maintenance easier. Additionally, it will:

How Often Do You Need Professional Rug Cleaning?

It is recommended to get professional rug cleaning at least once a year. Although, the frequency of rug cleaning depends a lot on your maintenance routine, rug type, and rug placement. If you are keeping your rug in a high-traffic area or kitchen then it might need frequent professional cleaning.

Just like that rug that traps more dirt would require frequent cleaning than usual rugs. Frequently missing your rug cleaning routine also makes the rug dirty easily. Consult with a professional to know more and get your rug cleaned today!

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality with Us!

Make your life easy and comfortable with a clean rug. We will help you to have a clean and fresh rug. At Teasdale Fenton Columbus, our experts have many years of experience in cleaning and restoration. You can also rely on us for carpet cleaning, water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, and more.

If you are from West Jefferson, Grove City, Reynoldsburg, Hilliard, and throughout the Columbus service area area dial 614-662-4060 and ensure a safe home. You can also contact us now for any emergency services we provide. Act now to ensure a better living environment.

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